• The best music production software for beginners
    You want to make music right now in your small home studio. But what DAW-software do you need? In this article we discuss the best music production software for beginners.
  • Setting up a small home studio
    Do you want to make professional music at home? In this article you learn how to set up a small home studio, even with a low budget. We talk about the computer, DAW software, the audio interface and much more!
  • Synthetic Drums – video demo
    We released Synthetic Drums, a collection of 381 multisample drum and percussion sounds from the Vermona DRM1 MKIII analog drum synthesizer. Watch and listen to the demos!
  • Synthetic Drums sample pack
    Synthetic Drums is a drum sample collection. The samples are carefully recorded from the Vermona DRM1 MKIII analog drum machine. The recordings express the character of the DRM1 MKIII as close as possible. You can use the sounds in your house, techno, industrial, or even R&B music productions.
  • How to record external instruments in Ableton Live?
    Ableton Live almost gave me a headache the first time I tried to record an external hardware synthesizer into an Audio Track. The recording appeared to be out of time and completely off the grid. Fortunately, I found a solution for this timing problem!
  • Finishing tracks with subtractive arrangement
    Sometimes it is a huge step from a great 8 bar loop to a complete song. Subtractive arrangement is a neat method to build the foundation of your next track with some loops. Watch how Danny Lewis uses subtractive arrangement for a new track in Ableton Live!